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Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall supercut

How quicksaving changes the game DIshonored.

iPhone 5C: Gorgeous, cynical and heartless

I feel a preface is required; The iPhone 5C is Gorgeous. It’s also been well received by mainstream critics, with average reviews hovering around the 8/10 or 4 star mark. That’s a pretty amazing achievement for a phone that will soon be dropping into the mid-range market in terms of hardware specs. Unsurprisingly, there’s a […]

Battlefield 3: Realistic fun simulator

How Battlefield 3 fails to live up to its awesome potential

Gaming for cheapos: Ghost Recon Online

A review of free-to-play shooters. This time, Ubisoft Singapore’s Ghost Recon Online

Gaming for cheapos: Blacklight Retribution

A review of free-to-play shooters. This time, Zombie Studio’s Blacklight Retribution